Exclusive Suite of world class recruitment features

Exclusive Suite of world class recruitment features help you in your talent hunt. SAAS based, affordable, ATS software on subscription makes your hiring process fast and easy.

Subscription based

Why invest in bulky software when affordable recruitment software is here? ubiRecruit is an amazingly low cost Hiring software. Reduce your investment through this online tool. ubiRecruit is a highly competitive and on demand recruitment software. You will instantly love the beautifully designed user interface. Our reliability combined with the low cost pricing makes it one of the most sought after hiring tool.

Subscription based
Professional Careers Page

Post Job openings on your career website in minutes through our online recruitment software. Fill out information like position, department, job description and publish them on the career page with a single click. Enhance the website look with a themed career page and attract the job seekers.

Professional Careers Page
Applicant tracking reports

Suppose you want to view the hiring applicant tracking reports from huge data according to your requirements. To search such records is often time consuming. View vital candidate information in various formats.

Applicant tracking reports
Cloud based – Available 24×7

Our cloud based online recruitment tool is available on demand – whenever and wherever you need it. No software installation or downloading required – ubirecruit is web based. You only need an Internet connection and a web browser – You and your team can work from anywhere.

Immediate Alerts

ubiRecruit provide automated job alerts to the subscribers about fresh job openings on your website and lets the subscribers directly apply for specific jobs. Our Recruitment software- ubiRecruit notifies as soon as a candidate applies for any post in the firm. Also an automatic mail is sent, to inform you about the new application.

Intuitive and simple

With our extremely simple hiring software discover the interplay of user ease & functionality. What you need is what you get. Your 10 year old can adapt immediately and so can you. You’ll gather information of more candidates and automatically store resumes effortlessly. You can also update candidate records at the click of a button. It makes your recruitment process easier and more effective.

Social Hiring

The process of hiring is often time consuming and frustrating. Social Recruitment through facebook, LinkedIn etc. is one of the most popular features from our recruitment management system. Attract and engage with more & more applicants socially and select the top talent. Simply share your jobs on LinkedIn and Facebook. These shared jobs would increase your visibility multi fold. With ubiRecruit, hiring managers and recruiters have the opportunity to extend their vacancies socially.

Get Talent Rich

The built-in hiring intelligence helps you find better applicants. Coupled with rating and shortlisting tools getting the perfect talent is easy. Suppose you are looking for a particular candidate and found some appropriate applicants, quickly shortlist them by changing the status with a single click.

Monitor Milestones
Powerful dashboard

Our dynamic dashboard tells you about the current job openings v/s no. of applicants. Get the data of the no. of applied, selected, rejected and shortlisted candidates in graphical format. Analyze all applicants v/s positions at a glance through the pictorial charts. View the recent candidates who have applied in real time.

Monitor Milestones
Import job seekers quickly

Perhaps you have a collection of resumes in a folder on your computer or that you’ve maintained candidate data in excel sheet. Save lots of time and efforts in storing applicants data in bulk with our online recruiting software. Add hundreds of job seekers details along with their resumes efficiently.

Monitor Milestones
Integrated hiring templates

Keep track of all communication within the Recruitment software. Our Integrated email service helps the HR person to communicate quickly to job applicants during various stages of hiring. No need to access separate mail service.

Monitor Milestones
Filter applicant’s data

The built-in intelligence helps you select and recruit the right candidate. The aptitude and psychometric assessment tests are coupled with detailed interpretation of applicant’s score which can be printed or emailed.

Monitor Milestones

ubiRecruit provides you highly customizable recruitment software. Create your own stages, skills category, position, department, degree, degree type, etc. The most amazing attribute of our recruiting software is that it is useful not only for IT consultancies but any industry can use it. Just customize according to your industry needs & start Hiring for various Industry Verticals – Healthcare, Corporate, Agriculture, Airline, Automobiles, Food etc.

Monitor Milestones
Analyse employee performance through tracking logged timesheet.