The people whose relentless dedication has earned Ubitech Solutions the global honour of being the most trusted Tech companies of India.

Namrata Bhansali
Managing Director, Ubitech Solutions, India
Namrata Bhansali is the 'driving force' behind Ubitech Solutions. The dream that started from a modest set-up now boasts global presence for pioneering technological solutions. Passionate about her work and supported by a strong academic background in engineering - Namrata, with her leadership quality has grown the business from strength to strength. Her ability to cultivate relationships and grasping of the requirements of the clients in a fast-paced world is unique. It has earned Ubitech a reputation as a reliable Technology Partner in its state-of-the-art software solutions.
Anita Saboo
CEO, Ubitech Global Solutions, UAE
With Anita’s degree in Dentistry, she cares for peoples' smiles the most! From managing the Human Capital of big conglomerates to fixing a tiny glitch - she's at equal ease. She brings diversity to Ubitech Group with her unmatched business acumen, enterprise bug and a tech tooth. With over two decades of work experience under her belt, Anita's domain knowledge is unparalleled. She is the prime architect of the HR Software Suite, strengthened by her stint as Group HR manager at KGT Communications, a leading Telecom group in the UAE.