QR Code Attendance

QR Code Attendance system: QR Attendance records the presence of employees for payroll generation. Location & time are captured automatically.

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QR code for Self Attendance
QR code for Self Attendance
QR codes can be generated through the Attendance Software for the workers. Employees can punch Time in & Time out by scanning their QR codes to identify themselves.
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QR Code group attendance
QR based Attendance
Mass attendance for the site Labour is captured in seconds as the QR codes & Selfie are scanned swiftly. Selfie is taken and the time & location are automatically stamped.
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QR Code Attendance System
QR Code Attendance System
Captures Attendance of blue collar employees who don’t have smartphones. Attendance is punched as soon as the QR Code on the identity card is scanned. Used highly by construction and Manufacturing companies.
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