Types of tests

Psychometric Tests
Psychometric refers to a measurement of the mind. Psychometric testing is used to accurately test one’s personality. Psychometric analyses are to check the strengths as well as weaknesses of the job applicants. A psychometric test can be a basic filter for your recruiting process. Personality questionnaire and accuracy tests will be helpful to examine hidden traits of an individual. Psychometric tests are necessary in industries like hospitality, law firm, real estate, education, and call center. The questionnaires of psychometric analysis are different for every sector. Psychometric assessment will give you an exact idea of how the employees will react under different situations.
Managerial potential tests
Managerial potential tests imparted through our psychometric testing software will give an understanding of the leadership quality of a candidate. Questionnaire for managerial potential tests are prepared to check whether a job applicant is able to work in challenging managerial situations.
Psychometric tests for Leadership
Leadership is an intrinsic part of a successful company. The leader should turn the personal goals of employees in the direction of organizational goals. To assess leadership qualities you should add psychometric tests for leadership in your company’s hiring process.
Psychometric tests for Anxiety disorder
Anxiety disorder is a common disorder characterized by long-lasting anxiety. These tests will give you an assurance about candidate mental condition under hard situations.
Skill Assessment Tests
In each of the industries you cannot employ candidates with improper or missing skills. Your organization will work efficiently when you will add skill tests in your recruiting process.There can be different types of skill assessment tests and some of them are listed below
Tests for electricians
Tests for electricians are imperative because only a skilled electrician can fix electric faults and damages. Testing electricians can reduce your future liabilities. Repairing tests, machine installation tests, equipment selection test etc. will be useful for checking electrician’s skills.
Test for Accountants
Accountants are the people who are required in all industries. Only a professional accountant can keep book records, financial records, manage financial operation etc. Data interpretation tests, financial accountancy tests, analyzing sales tests etc. can be useful for testing accountants.
Data interpretation tests
Data interpretation tests are used to determine person’s ability to extract and collect data from table, graphs and pie charts. Data interpretation includes tests like numerical data analysis, tabular data analysis, mixed data analysis, graphical data analysis. Data interpretation tests are used in banking sector and education sector.
Cognitive ability Tests
Cognitive ability tests might not be the only factor to fill your vacant roles but it can be the most significant one. Cognitive ability tests allow hiring those who respond intelligently in complex situations. These tests can be used in educational Institutes, IT sector, law firms, hospitality Industry, real estates, banks and call centers.
Cognitive assessment
Cognitive assessment contains tests like reasoning, numerical ability, inductive logic, intelligence quotient and consensus based assessment. Cognitive tests are important to examine candidate’s psychology as well as his intelligence to process information. They are designed to study how quickly a candidate can take accurate decisions.
Thinking ability tests
Thinking ability tests allow you to check candidate’s ability to come up with original ideas. This test covers points like reasoning, evaluating, analyzing, decision making and problem solving. These tests include critical thinking ability tests, test for analyzing graphs and data, situational judgment tests etc.
Abstract reasoning
Abstract reasoning tests measure the ability to quickly identify patterns, logical rules and trends in new data. Through abstract reasoning tests you can understand to which extent your candidate is efficient in learning new skills…. whether he is capable of analyzing organizational data in a logical manner.
Language Assessment Test
"Language testing is the practice and study of evaluating the proficiency of an individual in using particular language effectively"~ Priscilla Allen (University of Washington). Language tests are important in all industries.
English comprehension tests
English comprehension tests allow you to judge how candidate can absorb language elements and use them in meaningful way. You need an employee who can understand your instructions well. These tests include vocabulary tests, rephrasing tests, unseen passages, reading comprehension etc.
Content writing tests
Content writing tests are for those job applicants who applied for writing role in a company. Content writers are required extensively by business houses, advertising companies, and digital marketing firms. These tests will examine the way the candidate connects with the target audience through his writing and thought process.
Grammar and spelling tests
Grammar and spelling tests are the basic language tests. Good grammar is essential for business communication. You should hire a candidate who does not create grammatical errors in writing. To make your company work in professional manner you should select those job applicants who can crack punctuation tests, arranging words tests, test for verbs and nouns etc.