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How ubiRecruit reduced Hiring time by 50% for a leading Tech Company
About Company
Cinque Technologies is a well-established, market leader in providing IT solutions to over 175 companies in 23 countries. Cinque Technologies builds money exchange and remittance, payment and compliance solutions with the latest technology which help the banking and finance sector to consolidate systems under one umbrella, reducing manual intervention and promoting automation
Cinque Technologies hires extensively and round the year. The applicants were attracted through social media and would email their resumes to the HR department. The huge volume of candidates was managed manually making the process laborious and time-consuming.
Cinque Technologies engaged ubiRecruit to automate their recruitment and selection process. ubiRecruit provided them with a customized Careers page to advertise their positions. The jobs were posted in accordance with the manpower plan. They were able to attract a lot of applications with all the requisite details and the funneling of the information made sifting through the resumes a breeze. The candidates were segregated according to the specific criteria through the click of a few buttons. Hiring Managers were also involved to partake in the selection process, thanks to ubiRecruit's hierarchy-based flow. Interviews got scheduled with the Outlook integrated calendar, feedback got recorded and candidates moved from one stage to the other making selection effort-less.
Sunil Meldrin Sequeira
HR Officer, Administration, Cinque Technologies, Dubai, UAE
With ubiRecruit's social media integration, there was no dearth of talent for the company to choose from