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Why Emerald Industries, a leading Construction Company in India, chose ubiAttendance
About Company
Emerald Industries Ltd is one of India's leading Engineering and Construction Company started as engineering machine shop to produce railway component under RDSO design. They Supplied vacuum brakes system to Indian Railways. Diversified into internal HP/LP pipeline projects for power stations.
With the field force spread all over the country, the bio-metric attendance machine placed at the Head Office was not of much help in accurate attendance management. Implementing Bio metric machines at all sites locations – specially when some were temporary – was not feasible. Centralizing the data was also cumbersome.
Ubitech took this up as a challenge & deployed a highly competitive technical team. They developed an extremely user friendly mobile app for marking and tracking the daily attendance of employees based at remote locations. The company can have detailed information like the time-in, time-out, location, and picture to validate the credibility of the marked attendance…. all of this in a matter of seconds. In addition to this, the software allows the generation of a vast number of customized reports thereby keeping an accurate track of overtime & tardiness. The data was integrated with HR software also provided by them.
Sameer Chaturvedi
Senior Accounts Manager, Emerald Group of Industries, New Delhi, India
With ubiAttendance, the team can now mark their attendance with the click of a button.