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Bright Environment finalizes ubiHRM as the robust HR Software with superior technology.
About Company
Bright swiftly grew into a full scale integrated facility management company. Over the years, the company has proven itself as an industry leader, time after time, and now boasts over 30 projects in Dubai and Sharjah, and maintains a presence in cities such as Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur and Kigali.
Heading the operations of the group and given my insight into technology, it mattered to me that in the HR software I recommended, stability and the latest technology were in-built. Ubitech's HR software suite - ubiHRM fitted well with its robustness & superior technology.
Cost-effectiveness and 'value for money' were key considerations for the Group. Without any hesitation, I would say, UbiHRM scores high in this regard as well. With ubiHRM, we have kept the HR team size small.
Our employees' requests are met through the self-service feature of the software.
Director Operations, Bright Environment, Dubai, UAE
I vouch for ubiHRM as the ideal HR software for a policy-driven, cost-conscious and dynamic company