Through our Job Portal, job seekers apply for suitable job positions by submitting their resumes and employers select suitable employees against the vacancies.

Job Portal Development Employer Section- Post Jobs 
 View & download Resumes

Employer Section

  • Post Jobs
  • View & download Resumes
  • Subscribe to Packages
  • Automatic notifications on expiry of Packages, Job Post limits
  • Publish jobs to social network like Linkedin, Facebook, Job boards etc..
  • Dashboard for Open positions, applicants by status, No. of applicants for each job post, recent applicants.

Candidate Section

  • Job Seeker Registration
  • Filter Jobs
  • Save Jobs
  • Apply for Jobs
  • Powerful job search
  • Subscribe to Job Alerts
  • Dashboard for Profile Views, Job Applications, Recent jobs
 Job Portal Development- Candidate Section

employer & candidate graph with job portal development

Recruiter Section

  • Add & Manage Candidates & Employers
  • Add & Manage Services for Job Seekers & Employers
  • Add & Manage Offers, Events & Advertisements
  • View posted Jobs
  • View Subscribers
  • Add & Manage Opinion polls
  • Billing Management