HR Software suite for all Business types

Introducing HR Suite from Ubitech Solutions! A One-in-all set of HR software & apps to take of the employee cycle from Recruitment to separation. We are there to take care of all your HR needs – no matter where your employees are.

All software for Recruitment, Aptitude testing, Tracking Attendance and Employee management together in one affordable package. Flexible & Scalable. Ready & Custom solution for New Business, Small Business & Enterprises.

Recruitment Software

Platform independent, web based recruitment software on web – ready to use. Instantly share job vacancies. Job applicants are informed automatically through Job alerts. Candidates can submit their detailed resumes through the career page of your website. Software available on low cost subscription.
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Attendance Software

Mobile app on Android & i-Phones for marking time. Track attendance from any device, anywhere Resolve attendance tracking issues permanently.
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Aptitude Software

A web based aptitude testing software. Now, find the best-fit candidates quickly & easily. Suitable for
1. Recruiting
2. Assessing Employees
3. Conducting Certifications
4. Campus Placement
5. Entrance tests

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HRM Software

Our HRM Software is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Human Resource Management. ubiHRM is on cloud and automates human resource management processes across all departments. Transform the company into a more responsive, employee-centric and efficient institution – Book a demo Now