Navigate from a graphical top-level system overview to a detailed component view. The open architecture fully supports the need for high flexibility and extensibility requirements of many operational environments.

Programmable plug-ins can be used to swiftly adapt the monitoring system to new or customer-specific hardware components, networks and applications. Although the app primarily makes use of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to monitor and control systems, the plug-in concept allows for easy incorporation of other, even non- standard, monitoring means.

The application can be deployed as a single terminal-based workstation or as client-server in a high-availability configuration. In both configurations data is persistently stored in the system’s database enabling statistical analysis and graphical display of collected performance values. The graphical user interfaces takes advantage of modern technologies and is therefore fully independent of the
type of workstation, which again introduces a wide range of integration and deployment options for the customer’s environment.

A built-in escalation logic notifies maintenance staff about critical or
persistently degraded system conditions and sends email or mobile phone text messages to external contact groups. As a bonus, maintenance staff can access the graphical system status display by a mobile web browser-enabled device such as iPhone.

It allows authorized users to control configuration management objects in the Management Information Base(MIB) of application and hardware components.